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Every game has a rule and Gin Rummy has several. You need to know the rules first, if you want to play the game. First things first: Gin Rummy was actually created so that it could be faster than the standard rummy and it actually is: fast and interesting!

So, let’s take a look at the rules of the game, which include:


There are two players in Gin Rummy and a 52-card deck is used. Of course, you can always have more than 2 players. You can’t use wild cards in Gin Rummy and both the players have to take turns for dealing the cards.


The dealer will deal each player 10 cards. Once that is over, the next card in the pile will be kept face up to indicate that this is where the discard pile begins. The rest of the deck also known as "the stock" will be kept face down.


The main objective in Gin Rummy is to complete a hand that consists of melds or all the cards that have been formed in runs or sets. A run comprises of 3 or 4 cards bearing the same suit and needs be in a consecutive order. Here is an example:
Valid Run
Invalid Run
3 4 5
3 4 5
4 567
45 6 7
On the other hand, a set will have 3-4 cards that have identical rank but different suits.
For Example:
Valid Set
Invalid Set
3 3 3
3 3 5

So, how do you play Gin Rummy? There are two primary elements during a single turn and they are:

Draw: This is compulsory. The first player will have to take a card from the stock or the discard pile to add to the existing 10 cards in his/her hand. Since the discard pile is always kept face up, the second player will know the card the first player has taken. But on the other hand, the first player can also take from the stock where the second player will not be able to see which card the first player has taken. Once you have taken a card from the stock or the discard pile, you will need to identify your options, which is that you need to discard the card that you need the least.

Discard: This is compulsory. The card that doesn’t fit your hand of 10 will have to be discarded. You will have to put it in the discard pile, face up.

Note: Some of the house rules state that you can’t draw and discard the same card!


You will be ready to know if you have less than 10 points of deadwood. You need to announce first that you are knocking and then lay your runs or sets on the table.

Note: Knocking is not compulsory!

Now if you have melded all your cards and have zero deadwoods then you don’t have to necessarily knock – you can also declare Gin or Going Gin. This means that you will earn 25 bonus points apart from the count of deadwoods with your opponent.

Are you ready for a Gin?



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