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Rummy Royal - The first and most popular online Rummy community where you can experience a real multiplayer online Rummy game sessions of up to four players at a time. Join thousands of players from all over the world in exciting and dashing real money multiplayer ring games and tournaments!

* Play for FUN or REAL money

* Play a variety of FREE online Rummy games including the all time classic Gin Rummy.

* Join Gin Rummy, Oklahoma, Kalooki (Kaluki) and Traditional Rummy Tournaments.

* Secure deposits and fast payouts

* 24/7 Customer Support 

*  The world’s #1 Gin Rummy site where thousands of players from 130 countries worldwide play each other for free or real money. Each day, tens of thousands of dollars are won by players. No other site offers the thrill of online Gin Rummy like he Game Account network!

* Playing Gin Rummy Online. Choose from a fantastic range of Gin Rummy game formats. You can also meet & greet like-minded, friendly people online 24 hours every day in safe, secure chat rooms.* Try themout. Unlimited practice-play is free. Just register and play! When you're ready to experience the thrill of competing for real money it is easy to make a deposit.

* Real Money. Registering to play takes just a few minutes and you can easily deposit funds online through a variety of trusted payment methods. The responsive customer services team promptly transfers money on request to players across the globe and in their chosen currency.

* Customer Services. The customer services team is on standby 24 hours a day. You can contact always the Customer Services team by telephone or via email 7 days a week.

* Fairplay Guaranteed. They believe that competing against similarly-skilled players is the fairest way to win real money online. The Player Rating System makes absolutely sure you can choose to only play gamers of similar skill. As a newcomer to playing the games you'll start as a Rookie and can choose only to play other Rookies. You can then progress to Amateur and Pro status. The site and systems ensure the same game experience for everyone, regardless of internet connection speed or computer power.

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